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We are proud to have helped many people throughout Ireland to enjoy purified, great tasting
drinking water that supports their optimum hydration and health.

Hear what they have to say about Salutec water treatment systems.

Testimonial - Sibylle Leon

Sybille talks about how her life has improved since she's got our water filtration system. She doesn't have to carry bottled water anymore. The water from her tap tastes excellent!

Testimonial - Market House Ennistymon

Fiona Haugh from the Market House Butcher, Deli & Cafe in Ennistymon talks about her undersink filter system from Water-wise. Our plumber has installed the undersink filtration system and a second tap Alba for the filtered water.

Testimonial - Pat Farrell

Pat talks about the installed water filtration system, which allows her to drink the water from the stream. She very much appreciates the test results from the BHP Institute in Limerick.

Testimonial - Anna Loughrae

In this testimonial video Anne Loughrey, Gort, Co. Galway talks about her tabletop waterfilter system. She also mentions her effective microorganism pipes that enhance the quality of her water.

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