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Scientifically proven
to remove 99.9%* of
contaminants from
your drinking water

SALUTEC - Ireland's Leading Natural Water Filtration System

Scientifically proven to remove more than 99.9% of all bacteria, hormones, medical residues, pesticides, antibiotics and more than 90% of heavy metals from your drinking water.

Available as a worktop or under-sink solution, our German-engineered system uses the leading brands of natural vegetable charcoal filters to remove contaminants yet leave behind the natural minerals you need for optimum health.

Want to know more?

Which Water Treatment System
Should I Choose?

With so much information about drinking water and water filtration systems on the market, choosing a water treatment system can be tricky. Learn more about water treatment systems and which option is right for you.

Why Choose Us


Scientifically Proven

Scientifically proven to remove 99.9%* of all bacteria, hormones, medical residues, pesticides, antibiotics and contaminants from your drinking water.


Tailored Advice

Tailored pre-purchase advice to suit your specific circumstances, whether you draw water from your own well or the public water supply and the type of water you have.


Custom Installation

Installation services through our team of plumbers who are specially trained with the SALUTEC systems.


After Sales Care

Exceptional after sales care to help guide you with the operation of your system and replenish cartridges and other accessories.

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